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Gavial ITC
Specializing in Design and Manufacturing of Innovated Acoustic Sensor Solutions

Gavial Acquires International Transducer Corp. (“ITC”)

Gavial Holdings, Inc. and affiliates are pleased to announce the acquisition of International Transducer Corp. (“ITC”) from Channel Technologies Group, LLC (“CTG”).  Through this acquisition, Gavial Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc. now maintains all design information, manufacturing knowhow and critical equipment required to deliver legacy ITC Transducer models.  Gavial will manufacture and market the ITC product line under the name Gavial ITC.  Gavial ITC now provides design, manufacturing and testing of acoustic sensors, including piezoelectric transducers, sonar arrays and associated hardware as well as all legacy ITC models. 



  • Rapid Design of Acoustic Sensors

  • Custom Manufacturing of Piezo-Electric Sensors

  • Sonar Array Construction

  • Beam Forming Technology

  • Acoustic Testing and Calibration

  • Active & Passive Sound Detection SensorsUndersea

  • CommunicationsMarine Mammal Detection





  • Undersea Warfare

  • Oil & Gas Exploration

  • Medical

  • Port Security




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