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Gavial Holdings

Gavial Holdings is a family of companies, each dedicated to the manufacturing of high quality, non-commoditized products or parts.  We serve industries that require engineered equipment produced under differentiated Quality Standards.

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Industries Served

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Serving Multiple Industries:

  • Power Generation

  • Oil and Gas

  • Nuclear

  • Aerospace

  • Defense

  • Medical


Offering a Diverse Product Line:

  • Skid Mounted Process Systems

  • Instrumentation & Controls

  • Electronics | Electrical Assemblies

  • Mechanical Assemblies

  • CNC Machined Components


Offering a Full Range of Services:


  • Custom & Reverse Engineering

  • Project Management

  • R&D/Product Development

  • Design Specifications

  • Industry Compliance

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Contact Us

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Gavial Holdings, Inc. operates a family of interrelated industrial businesses, each dedicated to delivering the highest level of service and product to its customers.  Each Gavial company manufactures non-commoditized products and parts of the high quality.  We leverage the expertise of each business to serve a diversified set of industries and customers, each requiring the highest-reliability and the highest Quality Standards.

Please contact us today to discuss how a Gavial company can meet your needs.

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